How To Buy The Seoul Metro NFT Art Collection

The Seoul Metro NFT collection is on the Polygon blockchain. this blockchain is much faster than the Ethereum network, and it’s also much cheaper (Polygon gas fees are $0.01 instead of $50+).

서울 메트로 NFT 콜렉션은 “폴리곤(Polygon)” 블록체인 상에 있습니다. 이더리움 블록체인의 경우 가스비가 비싸기 때문에 폴리곤을 이용하시는 것이 모두에게 훨씬 나아요!

About The Seoul Metro NFT Art Collection

For the regular stations, we will have 1 of 5 templated backgrounds, which are all hand-drawn. The colors of the NFT will match up with the line of the subway. For example, Sinchon will be green, because it’s line 2. Here are 2 of the possible backgrounds, just to give you an example. The 13 […]

Seoul Metro NFT Art Collection

Introducing the Seoul Metro NFT art collection. This is a 633 piece set with 13 rare stations that is sure to be a hit among Seoul locals and Korea lovers.

서울 지하철 NFT 아트 컬랙션 소개합니다. 633개의 그림들로 이루어져있으며 그 중 13개는 서울 시민과 한국을 좋아하는 사람들에게 사랑받을 희귀한 역들입니다.