Congratulations, you are one of the very few people who are reviewing our privacy policy. I’ve reduced the legalease and put it in plain English. If you want to contact me about this, find me on Twitter @novelonk

What Personally Identifiable Information is collected?

This site uses a bunch of marketing tools to track user behavior. None of these personally identify you, though. These tools may include:

Whenever you submit a form on this website that provides your name, email or any other information, that gets sent directly to us, too.

How is that Personally Identifiable Information used?

For information you send us, it is to process your requests, like a question you are asking us, posting a comment or subscribing to updates from us.

The general information collected by the tools mentioned above is used to improve the website. It helps to identify what parts of our website are performing poorly or where visitors are coming from.

Who is the Personally Identifiable Information shared with?

If you subscribe for updates on a project, your subscribing information is shared with that project owner through an API.

The anonymous user behavior data is shared with the technology tool providers in the list above.